Research & Expository Presentations

Here I provide a list of talks I’ve given together with links to more information, when available. Feel free to contact me for more information from any of the talks below.

Listings are formatted in the order: program/venue, sponoring institution(s), link, and listing of talk title(s).

7th Cornell Fractals Conference

American Mathematical Society, Western Sectional Meeting (May 2021)

Special Session for Research in Mathematics by Early Career Graduate Students Program by Day

Functional Analysis and Mathematical Physics Seminar

California State University, Fresno Link

Fractal Research Group / Mathematical Physics & Dynamical Systems Seminars

University of California, Riverside Link

UCR Graduate Student Seminar

University of California, Riverside Link

Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics

University of California, Riverside

Wave Equations and General Relativity Seminar

University of California, Riverside

Denman Research Forum (3/29/18)

Ohio State University Link

Young Mathematicians Conference (8/10/18 - 8/12/18)

Ohio State University/National Science Foundation Link

Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Conference (10/13/18)

James Madison University Link

Knots & Graphs Program (Summers 2017, 2018)

Ohio State University Link

Reading Classics Seminar (Spring 2017 - Autumn 2018)

Ohio State University Link

What Is…? Seminar (6/14/18)

Ohio State University Link

Abstract Algebra, M5590H (11/29/18)

Ohio State University Link