Mathematical Research:

Who am I?

I call myself an aspiring mathematician and physics enthusiast, which is just a fancy way of saying I am a graduate student interested in mathematical physics. I am a second year student enrolled in the mathematics PhD program at the University of California, Riverside. I passed my oral examination in February of 2021 and will be a PhD candidate effective the end of the academic year.

Currently, I am very interested in the phenomenon of resurgence, and how we might better understand fractals using its tools and techniques. We can study fractals by understanding how their geometric oscillations reverberate in the ambient space around them– what we call a fractal drum, or sometimes a fractal harp. These oscillations are realized as complex dimensions, and my current research project is to better understand the formulae that express geometric and spectral qualities of the fractal using these complex dimensions.

I find myself humbled by the historical legacy I have stumbled into and by the great kindness and support I have been shown along the way. To pay these forward, I strive to leave the world better than I found it, bit by bit.

Commitment to Hospitality & Diversity

I believe that mathematics ought to be shared with and be open to everyone, both for its own beauty and for the utility it brings to society and science. Moreover, I would want each mathematician’s unique identity to be not merely welcomed, but also celebrated! I focus on an individual, because there are many ways to combinatorially mix together the different aspects of a person– their personality, gender, race, ethnicity, home country, field of interest, and the many more things I cannot fit into a single list. Anyways, I think this has become a long way of saying that I want you to be welcome on the site here, and that I encourage you to share that same respect with others here and elsewhere.

Have a wonderful day!

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